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The Supervisor as Communicator

The Supervisor as Communicator by Joseph Swerdzewski If, as a supervisor, you have chosen to be effective when interacting with your employees, communication is the most important method for success. Being a people person is not the sole answer to being a good supervisor; however, being a good communicator is. Of course, because you already… Continue reading The Supervisor as Communicator

Why Go Back in the Office?

Why Go Back to the Office?by Joseph Swerdzewski Many employees will have to make decisions about whether they want to go back into an office environment. Some employees will decide whether they will continue to work for their current employer. For many employees it’s been over a year and a half since they were regularly… Continue reading Why Go Back in the Office?

An Investigator’s Conduct is Important

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An Investigator’s Conduct is ImportantBy Joseph Swerdzewski Having for many years been an investigator, supervisor of investigators and responsible for the management of a large investigative program which annually performed as many as 5,000 investigations, I firmly believe how an investigator conducts an investigation has a major impact on the value and integrity of the… Continue reading An Investigator’s Conduct is Important

Hire to Fire

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Problem Solving

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How to Respond to Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claims

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How to Respond to Sexual Harassment and Retaliation ClaimsBy Joseph Swerdzewski When a claim of sexual harassment is received by a manager or supervisor, the way in which it is handled matters greatly for both the employer and the employee. If improperly handled, it can have a major impact on the employee’s trust in the… Continue reading How to Respond to Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claims

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