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Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claims - June 22, 2021 by jsafed

When a claim of sexual harassment is received by a manager or supervisor, the way in which it is handled matters greatly for both the employer and the employee. If improperly handled, it can have a major impact of the employee’s trust in the management of the organization as well as may create an even greater liability on the part of the employer.
Woman Consoling a Man

Problem Solving! - June 15, 2021 by jsafed

Problem solving is a process that involves both communication and trust. Supervisors face a multitude of potential workplace problems, which might range from determining the holiday leave schedules for a 24-7 operation to determining which employees will be laid off.
Confused Man

Hire to Fire - June 8, 2021 by jsafed

I read an interesting article this week in an online publication called Inc.: Amazon’s Controversial ‘Hire to Fire’ Practice Reveals a Brutal Truth About Management. It’s an example of what can happen when your incentives aren’t aligned with your values. The article provides that “According to the reporting, managers at the online retailer intentionally hire people that they know they’re going to fire.

An Investigator’s Conduct is Important - June 1, 2021 by jsafed

Having for many years been an investigator, supervisor of investigators and responsible for the management of a large investigative program which annually performed as many as 5,000 investigations, I firmly believe how an investigator conducts an investigation has a major impact on the value and integrity of the investigative process. How investigators conduct themselves during an investigation has a major effect on the credibility and validity of the investigator’s findings, recommendations, and conclusions.